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August 2015


Deserti s puno strasti, snage i upornosti dolaze iz Dubrovnika

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November 2014

Lena Kramarić -- ‘Through the looking glass’ 

This exhibition is the opening of the Art Week in the exclusive Prijeko Palace. Visitors had the unique opportunity to explore the work of Prijeko Palace artists and to enjoy in the special combination of art and exclusive cuisine. During the Art Week our chef is serving meals inspired by the work of Lena Kramaric.

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September 2014


Grand city palace in Dubrovnik






Julie Stafford, famous Australian author, loves Prijeko Palace.
Read her blog.




July 2014


Zavirite u dubrovacki hotel koji nas je odusevio


April 2014


Neu eröffnet Künstlerhotel Prijeko Palace in Dubrovnik

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