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About the Prijeko rooms

The rooms are intimate but attractive on style and amenities. They are individually designed some even without interior walls and open bathroom. The rooms have got all the right ingredients for a luxury and comfortable stay in the Old City also because Prijeko Palace has an elevator; the second one in the Old City.

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Birgit Lorenz

Birgit was born with a crayon box in her hands. She studies restauration, printing and art history and opens her own art gallery. Currently she lives and works in Bavaria near Kirchweidach, in an idyllic corner of the world. She teaches in various art academy and she likes to think about herself as a freelance artist. Thanks to her exhibitions, this versatile artist is winning great success at an international level.

Lena Kramaric

Except for a brief time in Zara for a study of Italian and art history, Lena attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Meanwhile, she has already done more than over 30 exhibitions in Croatia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The human figures that she brings to life on canvas, paper or cardboard, often seem to have more lives behind them. They are people with old minds. 

Casper Faassen

After an exploration period of study and work at home and abroad in 2002 Casper decided to focus exclusively on art. And with success. He entered the international art scene with representations in art fairs in London, Chicago, Miami and New York. Faassen's work is a modern exploration of traditional beauty, including its vanity. For him the woman symbolizes the beauty.

Velimir Trnski

From an early age, painting has been his passion and his sole preoccupation. He studied in Zagreb and Amsterdam. Frequent trips enrich Trnski's knowledge of ancient painting techniques. His elegant, enchanting paintings are about love and ordinary daily life whith Trnski as a keen observer. Klimt and Schiele are also important sources of inspiration.

George Heidweiller

George currently works and lives in Holland but he spent many years in Santa Fe. He likes to travel, especially in India and Thailand, places that have left their clear imprint in his works. He uses a mixed technique: images silk-screened on canvas and acrylic. During the process, the individual images of the city, come together and create a new and unique landscape.

Mark Verdoes

The Dutch photographer and painter Mark Verdoes currently lives both in The Netherlands and India. After his studies in photography, he commits to several types of artwork, travelling and philosophic speculation. The visual poetry of the artist shows a temporary and timeless beauty: the unavoidable and poetic decline of everything. 

Max Gasparini

Max Gasparini lives in Bergamo Province. Self-taught, he has been painting since he was really young without the urge to show his work. The female face as a whole, representation of the Universe (from Plato) and intended as a figuration of the Mother Earth is the subject of his work of the last two years.

Russell Chapman

Russell started studying photography when he was 10 years old, teaching himself all the aspects of art and science that are needed in order to produce a photograph that will bring pleasure to others. Photography is about creating a moment that encapsulates not only what was seen at that moment but what was also felt.


Edland Man

Edland attended the Academy of Art and specialized in photography, painting and fashion illustration. In Milan he started to work with various Italian fashion magazines. His primary sources of inspiration are music and the glamour world. In his artworks he is searching for something new, mixing handwork and digital techniques for creating personal projects. 

Alex and Felix

Photographers Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier are really engaged photographers that not only make advertising photography but also art photography. Their name is synonym of innovative and involving photography. For their shots they create imaginative and surreal worlds as a background of their photos. Also notice the art pictures in the staircase and Prijeko Restaurant, made by this famous couple.

Bea van Dorpe

Bea got love for sculpture from the family. She usually works with clay, but also with bronze. Her sculptures are people or androids, emerging from the ancestral land and created with love for the material. They are peaceful, a blend of spiritual freedom and formal demeanour.  Her creatures appear to come from Pompeii, creatures that carry the memory of a forgotten civilization. Their images radiate a sense of eternity.

Alexander Vogels

Alexander is an extraordinarily gifted artist with interest in primitive cultures. However, for Alexander a figuration is not an end but a support of the colour composition. Frequently recurring elements as ladder, mask and vehicle are not symbols but playful building blocks that give guidance to his abstract colouring game.

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