- Welcome to Prijeko Palace -

Looking for a memorable and different place to stay for a holiday, or just a quick city break in Dubrovnik? Look no further. 
But to start off openly, if you're a type of person that enjoys modern 5 star hotels/resorts with all of their amenities, then this might not be a perfect place for you. Here, in the ancient heart of the Old city, in a Palace more than 500 years old, here is where you get consumed by the rich soul of Dubrovnik and its unique ways. 

Room Faassen

The room is spacy (21 m2) and modest due to the colours and style of the artworks of Casper Faassen. The room has a double bed of 2 x 90 x 200 cm and a semi-open bath room. Because the room is at the side of the building the atmosphere in the room is one of serenity.

Casper Faassen´s work is a modern exploration of traditional beauty including its vanity. The woman symbolizes the beauty. The women appear to be linked and reminiscent of the Madonna’s of the Middle Ages; an excellent fit with the age of Prijeko Palace.


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