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Prijeko Palace
Prijkeko 24
20000 Dubrovnik

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Romantic rooms

Looking for the perfect apartment in Dubrovnik to spend the your wedding night? Please have a look at our romantic apartments in Dubrovnik.

‘There are enough stars above Dubrovnik for each of your desires and enough moonlight for all your dreams. The tenderest parts of your vocabulary will trigger off in Dubrovnik. You will realize that loving whispers at Stradun sound differently than anywhere else in the world. You will learn what real passion is. Dubrovnik is the place for happy lovers, and you are the proof.’

Dubrovnik weddings in Prijeko Palace

Dubrovnik is a strong magnet for weddings. Many young couples fall in love for Dubvrovnik as their wedding location. And they are right. Dubrovnik is one of world’s most beautiful cities. The old, medieval city offers you for ‘the day of your life’ the most romantic setting you ever wish. Walls and fortresses shape an unforgettable embellishment to the ceremony and your wedding pictures. Bridal couples discover in Dubrovnik a magical atmosphere. Romance and history are at every footstep. Dreams of love and romance become reality.
‘If your love is intense, in Dubrovnik it will intensify even more. If your love is fading, God forbid, here it will find new refreshing energy. You will discover that under the mild ashes of love there is a boiling heart, not a boiling potato. You only need to surrender and take a stroll around Dubrovnik’  

Weddings in Dubrovnik are weddings to remember. Weddings in Dubrovnik stun your wedding party. Stay in Prijeko Palace in the heart of the Old City. It will make your wedding:

  • Unique
  • Unforgettable
  • Talk of the year

Prijeko Palace: your spectacular wedding location

Prijeko Palace is recently restored in its former shape. It is among one of the most spectacular properties in Dubrovnik. It offers you the perfect, intimate surrounding for your wedding. The luxury 10 rooms and 5 satellite apartments can accommodate your wedding party up to 40 persons. And the restaurants guarantee you the finest food and drinks you want. A few reasons to get married in Prijeko Palace:

  • Whole building for you and your wedding party
  • Optimal base for your honey-moon
  • Small, intimate and tailor-made
  • Good cooperation between you, (your eventual)wedding planner and us

Get married in Prijeko Palace

The city of Dubrovnik gives you the freedom to organise your wedding ceremony inside but also outside the city hall. Your options for weddings in Dubrovnik and its stunning Riviera are endless, for example:

  • Sponza Palace
  • Island of Lokrum
  • Rectors Palace
  • Prijeko Palace

Yes, it is even possible to organize the wedding ceremony in Prijeko Palace if you wish to.

Weddings in Dubrovnik

Weddings in Dubrovnik

A day to remember
Heaven on earth (Bernard Shaw)
It’s all about love, love and love

Prijeko Palace
Prijeko 22
20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
T +(00)385 20 321 145
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