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Dear Guest,

First, thank you for visiting our restaurant ‘’Stara Loza’’. Various locally and organically produced ingredients used in traditional dishes, with modern twists and techniques, are now available to you. As you browse our selection, please keep the following in mind:

*If the product is LOCALLY AND ORGANICALLY PRODUCED, high-quality, and available – we use it. However, not all our ingredients can be grown locally, so ask the staff for more info.

* We create some ‘’off the menu’’ dishes that will take you on a trip through Croatia (or maybe the world) and back. Be sure to ask your waiter about the specials so you don’t miss out on something beautiful.


Thank you & Bon appétit!


Quinoa salad…

Mango and avocado crème/ kohlrabi/ green apple/ hummus/ cherry tomatoes/ carrot/ almonds

14, 80 €
Dalmatian prosciutto…

Dates and nuts kontonjata/ goat’s cheese/ marinated cauliflower

15, 40 €
Seabass ceviche…

Lime and olive oil vinaigrette/ orange/ capers/ mint/ onions/ squid ink emulsion

17, 50 €
Beef tartare…

Homemade tartare sauce/ chives oil mayonnaise/ goat cheese cream/ pickled onions/ toasted bread

20, 00 €
Adriatic tuna tartare…

Horseradish emulsion/ dehydrated egg yolk/ rhubarb jam/ seed crackers/ sea fennel

21,00 €


Zucchini in tempura…

Tzatziki sauce/ baked red bell pepper cream

13, 40 €
Homemade gnocchi…

Beurre noisette/ tomato sauce/ buratta cream/ toasted nuts/ basil

14, 20 €
Ebi fry…

Adriatic prawns in tempura/ sweet chilly mayo/ seasonal salad/

15, 80 €
Beef and mushroom arancini…

Pea and yellow bell pepper coulis

14, 80 €
Octopus tentacle…

Red bell pepper risotto/ sea asparogus/ chives oil/ tapioca chips/ capers

22, 00 €


Cuttlefish black risotto...

Adriatic shells/ parsley tuile

25,00 €
Paccheri pasta...

Mussels bisque/ squid/ Adriatic prawns/ shells/ anchovies/

25,50 €
Adriatic mackerel...

Poached with butter / parsley sauce / baked lemon gel/ pickled onions/ sous vide leek/ parsley powder

27, 90 €
Seabream fillet ...

Parsnip and apple cream/ black olive powder/ candied kumquat marinated celery/ beurre blanc sauce

29, 80 €
Tuna steak ...

Parsnip and apple cream/ black olive powder/ candied kumquat marinated celery/ beurre blanc sauce

35, 00 €


Traditional Veal risotto...

Slow cooked/ Pag cheese ice cream/ parmesan fritters

23,00 €
Slow-cooked Beef ribs…

Sweet potato purèe/ chilli broccoli/ pickled beetroot/ shallot oil

29,00 €
Confit lamb . . .

Baked potato and garlic cream/ sauteed swiss chard/ onions/ lovage oil/ lamb demiglace

35, 00 €
Beef Tenderloin…

Rösti potatoes/ bordelaise sauce/ red pepper emulsion/ marinated and grilled mushrooms

39, 00 €


Seasonal salads...
8,30 €
Grilled vegetables...
9,80 €
Homemade triple-treated steak fries...
7, 20 €
Homemade bread & local olive oil
4,80 €


Summer mystery…

Cremè brùle/ blackcurrant and blueberry coulis/ pistachio cream/ white chocolate ganache

14,00 €
Magic forest…

White chocolate brownie with coconut and pecan nuts/ vanilla ice cream/ dark chocolate mousse/ namelaka

13,50 €
Local cheese selection (for two persons)…

Selection of local cheese accompanied by homemade jams, mustard honey, and grissini

22, 00 €


Prijeko Palace 
Prijeko 22, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel:  +(00)385 20 321 145 
Fax: +(00)385 20 321 129

Opening Times

Mon - Sun 08:00 - 24:00 clock 



Prijeko Palace


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