Restaurant Stara Loza

Our very talented chef de cuisine is Damir Šarić, born and bred in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This 28 years old chef, as he likes to jokingly put it, has ,,a very modern approach to his traditional approach’’ to his craft. His interest lies in locally and organically grown ingredients and traditional recipes. Next comes implementation of various culinary techniques, some of them very contemporary, which results in creation of some very interesting and mouthwatering dishes.

Damir gained his experience by working for many years in European top restaurants, some of them Two Michelin star holders. He easily generates very pleasant and still a highly professional working ambiance. His great people skills vastly help him to efficiently run a tight ship which a kitchen of a busy restaurant needs to be. He is also enjoying enormous support of local population which appreciates his work greatly. To some, that speaks volumes about his skills.

Restaurant 'Stara Loza' is located at the cozy and lively Prijeko street where you will enjoy the excellence in cuisine and the sounds of local musicians and jazz bands. The fresh seasonal food of the restaurant is a surprising marriage between tradition and modern times; a wink to the authentic past and a twist to the international contemporary cuisine. Look at the menu and convince yourself. There are three different rooms to enjoy the creations of our chef:
at street level you can have lunch and dinner in a vivid atmosphere
Prijeko Palace dining room on the 3rd floor offers you a sensational setting. The stylish décor features the gothic floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide stunning views on the medieval city.
the terrace at the 3rd floor for an experience of taste and a exclusive exclusivity.
Restaurant 'Stara Loza' is the place to meet friends, to enjoy a bottle of wine of your choice from the wine cellar and to enjoy a whole evening in a unique atmosphere. In 2014 some of our staff went for an internship to Restaurant De Librije in Zwolle, The Netherlands to learn from one of the best chefs Jonnie Boer. He earned 3 Michelin stars. Watch the movie 'Winter story' for an impression


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